Mining transnational calls off copper production in Peru

Mining transnational calls off copper production in Peru
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4 December 2021
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Mining Transnational MMG announced the suspension of its copper exploitation operations in the southern Andean region of Peru, due to the blocking of access to its facilities by peasants who are demanding social demands.

In a statement, the company, one of the largest copper producers in the country, noted that operations at ‘Las Bambas’ mine will stop by the middle of this month because no agreements has been reached with the communities.

It added that the last meeting between representatives of the Government and the company, held on November 30, did not achieve the objective of overcoming the conflict.

The situation is attributed to what they consider excessive demands by the communities.

Given the impossibility of entering and exiting the mine, “a situation that has forced to progressively reduce mining operations, so production will cease in mid-December”, MMG said in a statement addressed to Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

The group claimed that due to interruptions after similar blockades, the annual copper production fell from 400,000 tons to 310,000-330,000.

Communities on the access route to Las Bambas have demanded for years various compensations for the environmental impact of MMG’s operations and overload trucks with the mined ore passing through their lands.

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