Lula Meets With Colombian Vice President-Elect Francia Marquez

Lula Meets With Colombian Vice President-Elect Francia Marquez
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26 July 2022
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Previously, she has also met with representatives from Canada, Costa Rica, and the Organization of American States.

On Tuesday, Colombia's vice president-elect Francia Márquez met with Brazil's presidential candidate and leader of the Workers' Party (PT) Luis Inacio Lula da Silva to discuss integration mechanisms in South America.


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Their  meeting took place at the headquarters of the Perseo Abramo Foundation in Sao Paulo. Subsequently, Marque will travel to Rio de Janeiro where she will meet with the former Minister of Women, Racial Equality and Human Rights, Nilma Gomes as well as with representatives of the Landless Workers Movement (MST) and the Black Movement.

The visit to Brazil is part of a tour that the Colombian social leader will make through Chile, Argentina and Bolivia before taking office on August 7. On this day, she will become the first Black woman to hold the vice presidency in the history of her country.

On July 28, Marquez will meet in Santiago with Chilean President Gabriel Boric. The next day, she will hold a meeting with Argentine President Alberto Fernandez in Buenos Aires.

Subsequently, Marquez will meet with Bolivian Vice President David Choquehuanca on July 31. The next day, the Colombian leader will attend a multinational meeting with organizations of Indigenous women and farmers.

"Francia has become the spokesperson for the next Colombian government before international authorities. In recent days, she has met with representatives from Canada and Costa Rica, and the Organization of American States (OAS)," Brazilian outlet UOL highlighted.

"She is an environmental activist who has won international awards for stopping illegal mining activity in her homeland," it recalled, mentioning that Marquez does not plan to meet with Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro or officials of his government.

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