A bowl of poo: a new source of everlasting youth?

A bowl of poo: a new source of everlasting youth?
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29 July 2022
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Pope Francis said it just a few days ago: “the love for excrement, the love for crap” is the fourth sin of mass media.

And to avoid any ambivalence or doubt, some digital media replied a few days ago with great fanfare that Kim Kardashian would eat poo to look younger.

Of course, the America celebrity specified —she was very clever— to avoid exaggerations and other misunderstanding that “…maybe just a bite, I would not eat the whole plate.”

These Kardashian statements coincided with the announcement of a new line for skin care that is part of the productions of the model, also a businesswoman. Several Internet users asked if poop was the active ingredient in the new proposals.

When referring to what he called the fourth sin of communication, Pope Francis had used the term coprophilia — love for s…. — and had done so referring to the media that "seek to dirty, seek scandal for scandal's sake" moved by a "love of the dirty, the ugly."

The Kardashian thing is really quite the opposite. It is a disproportionate attachment to beauty and youth, but not for simple aesthetic pleasure, but rather because it is her source of income.

So much so, that she was able to do an almost suicidal diet for three weeks, to lose seven kilos of weight and put on the same dress with which Marilyn Monroe sang congratulations to Kennedy.

Her goal was to go dressed like this to an important fashion event in New York, the MET gala.

The banal, the inessential are flooding the media these days and are also infecting not a few minds whose capacity is constrained, to the point of only accept that bowl that the Kardashian assured she would eat.

That and much more, even the Pope exhorted: "We must be careful so that communication does not change the essence of reality."

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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