Syria Denounces Violation of its Border by the Turkish Army

Syria Denounces Violation of its Border by the Turkish Army
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24 August 2016
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The Syrian Foreign Ministry today condemned the entry of Turkish troops on the northern border of the province of Aleppo and the city of Jarablos, backed by the International Coalition led by the United States.

According to informations, tanks and armored vehicles supported by the aviation attacked positions of the Islamic State (Daesh, in Arabic) near this town, which they occupy since 2013.

In the statement by the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs it is stressed that any action against terrorists must be coordinated between all parties and it was asked to the United Nations to fulfill the resolutions on the matter and stop the violation of its territory.

'What is happening in Jarablos now is not a fight against terrorism as claimed by Turkey; it is rather replacing one kind of terrorism with another', the communication declared.

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