Orientales take the historical lead in the All-Star Game

Orientales take the historical lead in the All-Star Game
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21 October 2019
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Contrary to what many might think, the All-Star Game of the 59th National Baseball Series was not a batting festival or a bitter chapter for pitchers, who unexpectedly stole the show at Candido Gonzalez de Camaguey Park.

Only three races were able to sign the best champions of the championship in the duel of luminaries, which concluded with a tight score of 3-0 favorable to the Oriental hosts.

The duel was defined at the height of the fifth episode, by rocket driving patrolman Raico Santos, who proved to be in excellent shape. The granmense, requested of reinforcement by Santiago de Cuba for the second round of the tournament, hit triple decisive against the shipments of the left-handed Artemiseno Geonel Gutierrez, in the end losing the match.

The oriental serpentineros kept at bay the offensive of the boys of the west, to whom they allowed six jits in all the route.

Frank Madan, Freddy Asiel Alvarez, Yasmany Hernandez, Alberto Bicet, Yudier Rodriguez, Carlos Juan Viera, Alberto Pablo Civil, Carlos Santiesteban and Carlos Santana combined to leave Westerners blank, who received his fifth grout in the history of these challenges.

And precisely the bleached ones have not been very common in the All-Star Games of the Cuban championships, in fact, this is only the seventh that is tipped in 33 editions, and the first since 2007, when the Orientals also left annotations to those of the west.

On that occasion, those led by Onecio de Leon triumphed 2-0 over the troop led by King Vicente Anglada. The smile went to Ciro Silvino Licea's account, while Yovani Aragon was defeated.

The first grout in the All-Star Games took place, precisely, in the first challenge of this kind, in the distant 1963. 56 years ago, the Orientals of "Natilla" Jimenez also took the cat to the water with a 5-0 success on the Westerners of Ramon Carneado. The winner of the duel was Florentino Alfonso and Juan Medina carried the failure.

And if we talk about grouts at the All-Star Games, we cannot ignore that between 1983 and 1986, the three challenges (in 1985 there was no match of luminaries) ended in bleached, two to the Western account (Felix Pino and Julio Romero) and another in favor of Orientales (Regino Robaina).

With the present victory in Agramontino soil, the Orientals take advantage of 16-15 in the match. In total, 33 Star Games have been developed, one of them (2015) had no decision (it rained in Las Tunas when Westerners won 5-0) and another (1994) does not enter the historical account when the players of the players are mixed two regions in the Thunder and Centellas teams.

In the home run competition prior to the duel, the Pavel Quesada Cienfuegue took the honors with a pair of home runs (he had given four in the qualifier the day before). The antealist, included in the national team for Premier 12, surpassed Mayabeque Yasniel Gonzalez patrolman and local shortstop Alexander Ayala.

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