What’s the Role of Clinics in the Soberana 02 Study?

What’s the Role of Clinics in the Soberana 02 Study?
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26 March 2021
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The family doctor and nurse program, as the first care response for the community, has not stopped battling against Covid-19, much less now when the Sovereign phase III study is being developed in the capital to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of the SARS-CoV-2 anticovid vaccination, in the polyclinics chosen for the investigation.

The clinics continue with the care of pregnant women, infants, and other tasks, however, for a few weeks, the survey of possible candidates for the study, the examination to discard or approve those who are suitable, plus the medical follow-up to those who have received the first dose of Sovereign 02, has encouraged them to make a greater effort.

Thus was stated in an exclusive interview for Cubasí by Dr. María Lourdes de León Hernández, who works at 1ero de Enero Polyclinic located in the municipality of Playa. She has given her rehabilitation center to carry out this important process that in a few months will guarantee the immunization of the entire population with a national vaccine.

She also highlighted the functioning and availability in her area among all parts involved when she called to participate in this study, through the members of the area of ​​the Committee for the Defense of the Revolution, the Federation of Cuban Women, the Association of Veterans, with whom she had previously worked.

On the other hand, Bertha Luisa Esteris Estrada, a nurse who has worked in that office for over 10 years, indicated that today's work would mean a great change in our lives, the return to our former normalcy. "Our mission is to provide medical care to volunteers, BP checks and any episode which are generally mild," she added.

According to the doctor, in this area of Playa municipality more than 180 people have already been vaccinated, there are another 100 to be vaccinated soon, and so far no serious reaction has occurred, some have experienced mild pain, swelling, induration and heat on the vaccination site, and even in less cases a mild fever.

María Lourdes assured those who are alarmed by a hypersensitivity to thimerosal, that they shouldn’t worry if they have already been previously vaccinated against tetanus, since it’s also used as a preservative for the manufacture of vaccines. This component, according to WHO, is used to prevent the growth of fungi and bacteria in inert vaccines.

Likewise, the doctor asserted that until now they haven’t had a positive antigen test result, that her patients have participated very enthusiastically and pretty organized, and that, if any of them due to emotional issues on the day of the vaccination had BP or sugar issues, is immediately treated, medicated and the inoculation day is rescheduled.

Before taking Sovereign 02, all volunteers are given an antigen test, women in childbearing age are given another pregnancy test, BP, height, weight are checked, and they are interviewed to complete a summary of the clinical history where previous diseases and other data of interest to the researchers are taken down.

A whole commission reviews that the above is done by the medical office and once the patient is vaccinated, they must remain under medical observation for an hour and then return to their usual activities. There will be those who receive a placebo, however, when the study ends, this group will receive the best clinical efficacy scheme.

The people working in this investigation will have a confidential identity, since their data will be identified with a code and not by name. In addition, they will carry an id-card during the study, they must complete and submit the Adverse Events Diary for consultation, and they may be summoned for one or two blood samplings and antigen tests.

Translated by: Amilkal Labañino Valdés / Cubasí Translation Staff

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