UN supports recovery of Cuba's western provinces affected by hurricane

UN supports recovery of Cuba's western provinces affected by hurricane
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9 October 2022
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 Several United Nations agencies and organizations are supporting the recovery of Cuba's western provinces affected by Hurricane Ian on September 27.


The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) will contribute with seeds and other resources to the territory of Pinar del Rio, heavily impacted by the hurricane, which caused damage to housing, electrical networks, water, and communications, economic and social facilities, and cultivated areas, particularly tobacco.


"FAO's contribution with seeds will be used for replanting Pinar del Rio's fields, devastated by the hurricane", said Marcelo Resende, a representative in Cuba of that international organization, during a tour of the province.


Resende explained the assistance of the United Nations System in the face of this emergency, will include an urgent contribution of 500 thousand dollars to invest in seeds and repair farmhouses.


After a diagnosis of the situation in the affected area, it was concluded that among the fundamental demands are seeds, the purchase of roofs for animal breeding sheds, houses, and warehouses, as well as water and food tanks.

The official also stressed that international cooperation through collaboration agencies and diplomatic missions is in contact with Cuban authorities to assist to alleviate the impact of Ian.


He indicated that the aid will add specific medium and long-term projects in Pinar del Río and the special municipality of Isla de la Juventud, based on their current potential.


For its part, the World Food Program is delivering tents, tarpaulins, lights, mobile warehouses for food protection, and kitchen kits.


Meanwhile, the United Nations Development Program provided 478 hygiene kits, delivered to people in vulnerable situations.

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