So many claims can´t be wrong

So many claims can´t be wrong
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5 February 2023
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It is ironic that the first world power, the country that makes so much noise for "championing" for peace, against terrorism, and supposedly any form of oppression, stands out inwardly as a nation where law enforcement officers can harness their power to prevail over citizens, peaceful or not, and who are almost always at a disadvantage. Once again the American people demand justice, demonstrate in the streets and before institutions. Yes, because, although it often happens that the police act with too much despotism, common people do not get used to it. They prefer a safe nation for everyone, and that includes both that officials do not exceed their authority and thus do their job fairly, and that citizens respect law enforcement officers.

However, what is actually happening is very far from the social paradise our northern neighbor shows off. Huge is the list of people outraged, hurt and killed by the US police. The words that stand out are injustice and arbitrariness, and the name that is now on the lips of many is Tire Nichols, 29, and coincidentally, African-American, black again! He was at the wrong place and time and met with not one, but five policemen! Huge, strong, with an intimidating expression when using batons, tear gas, firearms and tasers. They had all the tools to deal with a gang of troublemakers, but they found that little boy.

The case of Tire Nichols, from Memphis, Tennessee, is just another one showcasing the abuse of power. Complaints against police violence are common, and this is evidenced by the statistics. For example, in 2022, more than a thousand homicides of this type were registered in the United States, a figure that places 2022 as the year with the highest number of murders, at the hands of the police, in almost a decade.

Many have been the victims. Let us remember the most recent powerful media: George Floyd, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, 2020. I can't breathe, is what he repeated about 20 times, and they decided to ignore his plea. Something similar happened this time with Tire Nichols. He was brutally beaten while calling his mother. Can there be a more pitiful plea than that? However, they did not stop. The boy was hospitalized in serious condition, and died three days later.

Policemen found guilty are being prosecuted. But life is not coming back with the penalties claimed. It does not restore comfort to their family and friends, nor does it guarantee a real punishment. And that is precisely what the protesters are demanding: justice, accompanied by reforms in police practices and, above all, an end to discrimination, which is one of the most deeply rooted evils in the North American nation.

The fact is a reflection of how contaminated that society is. And it's not about the police being benevolent. It's hard to be, but commanding respect and enforcing the law can be done in so many non-violent ways.

Despite the accusations, the sentences, the words of repentance and encouragement, there is also impunity, soft measures, reprisals, and silence.

The true evil of the United States is not listening to its people, their needs, their complaints. The rulers should consider that they are in their posts for the common good, and that so many claims cannot be wrong. But no, they embrace somehow the racist past and the consequences of the excessive use of force. They try to manipulate and cover these actions up, let time pass, believing that this is how it is forgotten, but no.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff


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