Protesters in Madrid demand that Spain break relations with Israel

Protesters in Madrid demand that Spain break relations with Israel
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19 May 2024
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Hundreds of demonstrators have rallied in the Spanish capital, calling on the country to cut off its relations with the Israeli regime in protest at Tel Aviv’s atrocities against Palestinians.  The rally was held in Madrid on Saturday, with participants chanting slogans in favor of severance of the ties.

The protesters were seen marching with a blimp that bore the slogan: “End arms sales to Israel,” and chanting: “Where are they?  We can’t see the sanctions on Israel.”

“Spain and the international community must break all relations” with the Israeli regime, said one protest organizer, who identified himself as Baser.  “Stop the arms trade and place sanctions on Israel for all the crimes it has committed in these 76 years,” he added, referring to the history of the regime’s occupation of the Palestinian territories and its aggression against Palestinians.

“It’s not war, it’s genocide,” said another protester, referring to a war that the regime has been waging against the Gaza Strip since last October.  More than 35,300 people have been killed in Gaza since Israel started the brutal military onslaught in response to a retaliatory operation carried out by the coastal sliver’s resistance movements.

Spain has been one of Europe's most critical voices about the war and is working to encourage other European capitals to recognize Palestine as a state.   Madrid halted weapons sales to Israel following the onset of the onslaught.

On Friday, Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Albares announced that the country had decided to turn away all ships carrying arms to the occupied territories as long as the Israeli regime pressed on with the warfare. “The foreign ministry will systematically reject such stopovers for one obvious reason. The Middle East does not need more weapons.  It needs more peace," he noted.


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