President Putin says that sending cluster bombs to Ukraine is a crime

President Putin says that sending cluster bombs to Ukraine is a crime
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17 July 2023
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The President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, said on Sunday that the shipment of cluster munitions from the United States to Ukraine should be considered a crime.

The Russian head of State noted in a speech at the Perviy Kanal that the US administration itself had previously assessed the use of these kinds of projectiles as a war crime.

Putin recalled that Russia has sufficient reserves of cluster munitions of different types, and so far, it has not used them, although at a certain moment the Russian Army suffered a shortage of ammunition. However, as a symmetrical measure, Moscow abrogates the right to use them.

Finally, the president commented that the United States supplies cluster munitions to Ukraine, not because everything is going well for them in the so-called counteroffensive, but due to the general shortage of projectiles.

He recalled that “the Ukrainian Army spends 5,000-6,000 155-mm caliber rounds of ammunition in a day of combat, while the United States manufactures about 15,000 a month. They are no longer enough, nor are they enough in Europe,” Putin added.

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