Palestine demands ending aggression and a trial for Israeli criminals

Palestine demands ending aggression and a trial for Israeli criminals
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1 November 2023
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Palestine demanded that the international community stops the Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip and prosecute the war crimes committed by the Israeli civil and military authorities in the occupied territories.    

The Palestinian Presidency stated in a statement that the world must take a clear position and take urgent measures to end systematic Israeli violations, and denounced the bombing carried out on Tuesday against the Jabalia refugee camp, in the north of the Strip, which caused numerous deaths and injuries.

Impunity and lack of accountability encourage Benjamin Netanyahu’s administration to commit more crimes against our people, it stressed.

For this reason, it held the international community and its institutions responsible for the massacres due to their silence and inability to make decisions.

“Aggression will not bring us to our knees, on the contrary, our determination to defeat the enemy and the fight to achieve our legitimate rights, which include the creation of a State with East Jerusalem as its capital, will increase,” it assured.

The presidency called for national unity and for “the free peoples of the world to raise their voices” against Israeli violence.

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