A Great Day in Cuba

A Great Day in Cuba
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25 March 2021
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A historic day as Cuba published many headlines nationwide as a worthy reference to Fidel Castro due to the current joy: thousands of Cubans stretched their arms and that gesture became them in volunteers of the Cuban Revolution´s most beautiful deed since its beginning: the people's health.

In addition, the Cuban scientists use their many ideas and collective will and the Soberrana 02 vaccine in Havana city and the Abdala one are already a reality as vaccine strains through their third trials stage in the local Bayamo, Santiago de Cuba and Guantánamo cities to immunize over eleven million people, since a respiratory virus stole their smiles in 2020.

That trial tests to be applied in the country's capital city with the first abovementioned vaccine will include 150.000 volunteers, after the participants of the second phase had a proper immune response and proved that the antibodies eliminated the virus by preventing it from harming cells.

Even the 20 clinical sceneries and 44 vaccines rooms in the three East provinces will be 48.000 citizens from Bayamo and Guantanamo provinces, aged between 19 and 80 years old, who will get the three dosages of the Abdala vaccine in a month.

The scientific experiment shows a huge reality: the Cuban experts´ intelligence and professionalism in terms of their commitment and love before each challenge, and ending up successful in the middle of a world reinforced economic crisis due to the covid-19, and the reinforcement of the US economic blockade on Cuba which hiders the local Public Health sector´s progress.

The intensity of the first vaccinations became the first local volunteers of the Estearn provinces in tangible exponents of one of Fidel Castro´s Revolutionary certainty:´The future of Cuba has to be a future made by men of sciences.´

However, Miguel Mrio Diáz Canel Bermudez, who is the president of Cuban Republic, talked about the excellent results of a thesis which makes him a PH.D and was entitled´Sistema de gestión del gobierno cubano basado en la ciencia e innovación para el desarrrollo sostenible.´ (The Cuban government's management system based on science and innovation for the sustainable development´)

That piece of news transcended the morning schedule by confirming the proper personal example set from the highest management of Cuba in order to add talent, science, technique and innovation for Cuba´s progress.

Monday was a great day for Cuba and 24 hours later were marked forever by the local men and women, the pride of having been born in a land that in spite of what could be needed to do and the path´s obstacles, its local people dream, conceives, creates and advances.

By Roberto Mesa Matos

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