CELAC member countries sign aerospace agreement

CELAC member countries sign aerospace agreement
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25 July 2021
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The Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, Marcelo Ebrard, announced the signing of an aerospace agreement in compliance with the program agreed in 2020 for the technological development of the region.

"I would just like to thank my colleagues who have dedicated their time and commitment to make possible this first step that leads us to the meeting of heads of state in September, to the establishment and operation of the Latin American and Caribbean Space Agency that we proposed in January, before the pandemic," said Ebrard.

The Mexican foreign minister affirmed that the member countries of the organization are taking significant steps for development. "All countries are doing something for space, now we are doing it together.  We are going to multiply by 20 the technological and scientific potential of the region."

"With the actions we are doing, we are thinking of future generations in a more responsible way.  To celebrate independent life is to think for the future 200 years," said the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship of Costa Rica, Rodolfo Solano Quiros. 

Representing Bolivia at the meeting in Mexico City, Foreign Minister Rogelio Mayta agreed on the need to join efforts to become a power in the region.  "We need to continue expanding our capabilities and this is a great opportunity to not be left behind in aerospace activities," he pointed out.

"Our purpose is to continue uniting our potential and human talents (...) The space and satellite issue transcends our borders, we must cooperate and share information", said the Argentinean Foreign Minister Felipe Solá.

Finally, the Paraguayan Minister of Foreign Affairs Euclides Acevedo pointed to the fact that this agreement defeats the pretensions to divide the region.  "We cannot speak of progress if we do not emphasize technology (...) Paraguay is responsible for financing the project."

The signing of the aerospace agreement took place within the framework of the 21st CELAC Summit   held in Mexico.  This edition commemorates the birth of the Liberator Simón Bolívar, where his struggle for independence and anti-colonial stance are highlighted.

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