Black Tears rum supports Cuban musicians

Black Tears rum supports Cuban musicians
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13 May 2024
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The partnership will back and promote young Cuban musicians via Black Box’s Talent Show programme.

The project was created by Grammy-winning record producer Andrés Levín. It will include multiple competition tours for young musicians throughout 2024, which will culminate in an album release at the end of the year.

Levín, owner of Black Box gallery, commented: “We felt from the start a natural resonance between Black Box and Black Tears. We are supporting up-and-coming talent that would normally not be heard – as part of Black Tears’ mission.

“There are no other brands in Cuba that focus on these priorities. We’re just at the beginning of the project and relationship and look forward to more collaborations in the future.”

Cuban rum Black Tears is distributed in its native country by Ron Vigia, a joint venture between Island Rum Brands and Zerus, the commercial arm of Cuba’s state-owned sugar company Azcuba.

The name ‘Black Tears’ is a direct translation of ‘Lagrimas negras’, which was a Cuban song released in the first half of the 20th century.

“Black Tears has become one of the top rum brands in its home market in the past several years, a preferred choice of the younger generation of consumers,” said Ramses Villar Caraballo, sales and marketing director of Ron Vigia.

“Providing support to the new creative generation of Cubans is part of the brand DNA. Black Box in collaboration with Black Tears is a beautiful project that gives the young Cuban musicians their first opportunity to be heard.”

In April this year, Black Tears secured travel retail listings via duty free operator Heinemann.

Meanwhile in February, the Cuban brand expanded its availability across Australia.

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