The accident in Matanzas and the Internet vultures

The accident in Matanzas and the Internet vultures
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15 August 2022
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While messages of solidarity and condolences continue to support us from all over the world after the terrible accident that occurred in Matanzas, the vultures of hatred against Cuba, based in Miami or Madrid, unleash their new campaign of media terrorism against Cuba.


As expected, and even when they insist on proving the contrary, they do not care about the pain of the relatives of the disappeared and the hundreds of injured, nor the shock that this kind of event has caused in the soul of the entire nation.


The employees of the Task Force, created in 2018 by the United States government for internet subversion against Cuba, are only interested in repeating, like parrots, the essence of the editorial policy of their media: blaming the revolutionary government for all evils and incite —with incessant appeals— to take to the streets, or in other words, to social chaos.


The Internet vultures, many of them graduates from universities of the Cuban "terrible dictatorship," now question, through the manipulation of videos and the real feelings of relatives, the heroism of the "young and inexperienced" Cuban firefighters, who, they claim, were forced by the "regime" to face a fire of such magnitude.


The same strategy was used during the #SOSMatanzas campaign, which led to the riots of 11-J, with medical students who, according to their propaganda, the “regime” sent to die infected by the pandemic.


Cowardly opportunism does not respect ethical borders. After the failure to use a global pandemic as a weapon of war against an island blockaded by the most powerful empire in history, they are now aiming to do the same with the tragedy that occurred at the Matanzas supertanker oil depot.


Those who are undoubtedly the best chroniclers of the consequences of the US blockade, who are ironically paid by the government that decreed such blockade as early as 1960 —to encourage disenchantment and dissatisfaction in those who supported the Revolution, through the use of all possible means—, fulfill their task as media scavengers, rather than out of conviction, out of the selfishness of not serving as janitors or dishwashers in the “paradises” of “democracy” where they reside today.


Victims themselves of the criminal genocide that they fervently support and celebrate on social networks, they do not mind to serve as spokespersons for the Miami annexationist mafia that, since the time of Lester D. Mallory's memorandum, has dreamed, after overthrowing to the Revolution, to sell the Island to the highest bidder.


But, as history shows, one thing is the lucrative delusions of Miami's anti-Cuban industry and its last-minute wage earners and another is the reality of a country that tends to unite and stand up in the face of any form of terrorist aggression. Decent Cubans know the price of those shameless individuals who, in exchange for a few Walmart trinkets, gloat with suffering of an entire nation.


Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translated Staff

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