Baltimore rapper Lor Scoota killed

Baltimore rapper Lor Scoota killed
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27 June 2016
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CNN)A Baltimore rapper named Tyriece Travon Watson, who went by the stage name Lor Scoota, was fatally shot in broad daylight at a busy intersection on Friday, police said.

Watson, 23, had just left a charity basketball game in Baltimore calling for "peace in the streets" when he was killed.
He was driving in his car when an unknown black male wearing a white bandana stepped into the street and opened fire, Baltimore police said. Watson was brought to a local hospital but died from his injuries.
The shooter appeared to be targeting Watson, Baltimore police spokesman T.J. Smith said. No motive has been identified, and police have not named any suspects.
Police are examining video related to the shooting and are asking for anyone with any knowledge of the situation to come forward.
"We are making some progress but not as much progress as we would like [in finding a suspect]," Smith said.

'This revolving door of death'

In a public entreaty, Smith asked that Watson's death be a wake-up call to those seeking retribution, especially gang members.
"The eerie irony that should just absolutely tick all of us off, collectively, is that he was leaving a peace rally that was held at a local university," Smith said. "This revolving door of death is something that's despicable, and it's leaving too many mothers to bury their children."
"We need this to be a rallying cry for those out there who want to seek retribution for lil Scoota's death," he added.
On social media, rappers and local celebrities mourned the 23-year-old.
The Game was one of them, posting a photo of himself with Watson on Instagram.
"Another young one murdered," he wrote. "Then this news hits me SMH. LIFE......... hold onto it, or you'll lose it & everything in it in the blink of an eye."
Former Baltimore Raven Torrey Smith, who now plays for the San Francisco 49ers, lamented the fact that Watson was actively trying to prevent violence when he was shot and killed.
"One that was focused in stopping the violence smh crazy world man...prayers up," he said on Twitter.
@TorreySmithWR One that was focused in stopping the violence smh crazy world man...prayers up

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