Panama to Renew Consular Relations with Venezuela

Panama to Renew Consular Relations with Venezuela
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21 May 2014
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Panama said on Monday it would restore consular relations with Venezuela in the coming days, months after Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro broke diplomatic and economic ties, accusing Panama's government of siding with the U.S.-backed right-wing opposition.

The Central American country's Foreign Affairs Ministry said the decision was "in response to the proposal made by the government of Venezuela to resume consular relations."  The statement did not make clear when full diplomatic relations might be reinstated.

Diplomatic relations were broken on March 5th after Maduro accused Panama's conservative government of Ricardo Martinelli, a close U.S. ally, of aiding Venezuela's anti-government factions.

Panamanian President-Elect, Juan Carlos Varela, who takes office on July 1st, has stated a desire to resume ties with the South American oil giant in the first days of his presidency.

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