Argentinean Presidential Candidate Visits Lula in Prison

Argentinean Presidential Candidate Visits Lula in Prison
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5 July 2019
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Buenos Aires, Jul 5 (Prensa Latina) ''Lula's detention is a blemish on democracy,'' said Argentinean Presidential Candidate Alberto Fernandez, who visited the former Brazilian head of State in prison, where he has been held for more than 450 days.

According to local media, the candidate from 'Frente de Todos' arrived at the prison in Curitiba accompanied by former Brazilian Foreign Minister Celso Amorim to express his solidarity to Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who has been in prison for alleged corruption and with whom he spoke about several issues that affect the region.

Lula is a victim of arbitrary imprisonment. I come to visit a man who is wrongfully in prison, Fernandez said minutes before entering the Superintendence of the Federal Police in Curitiba.

The Brazilian State does not realize that it is generating a blemish on the country by keeping Lula in prison, said Fernandez, who is running for the presidency of Argentina along with former President Cristina Fernandez.

After the meeting, the presidential candidate pointed out that Lula is very important for all of us. We Argentineans are very grateful to him and have great affection for him.

He added that Lula is a man about whose innocence he does not doubt and has the right to be free.

Brazil does not deserve a blemish like Lula's imprisonment. The Brazilian people do not deserve it,' he stressed.

Fernandez pointed out that he will always be on the side of the former Brazilian president and will do everything possible until the judicial system understands that citizens' rights and guarantees have to be respected. I demand that detention to end as soon as possible, he noted.

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