German Federal Chancellor Criticizes Trump's Migration Measures

German Federal Chancellor Criticizes Trump's Migration Measures
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30 January 2017
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German Chancellor Angela Merkel criticized the temporary veto imposed by US President Donald Trump on the arrival of citizens of several Muslim-majority nations.

'Merkel is convinced that the determined war against terrorism does not justify putting people under general suspicion based on a particular provenance or religion,' said on Sunday German Cabinet spokesman Steffen Seibert.

According to Seibert, who published a statement by the chancellor on Twitter, Merkel regrets the decision of the US government and expressed this in the 45-minute telephone conversation held on Saturday with the new occupant of the White House.

The German spokesman explained that his government will now analyze the consequences that the measures imposed by Trump have for German citizens with dual nationality.

On Friday, the US president signed an executive order banning refugees from entering the country for four months, as well as delivering visas to citizens of Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen for 90 days. The goal, in his view, is to keep radical terrorists outside the United States.

The provisions now generate rejection by the international community.

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