Planet Earth Not so Friendly to Human Life

Planet Earth Not so Friendly to Human Life
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17 March 2015
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Humanity looks to be heading up the creek without a paddle, as a scientist has found that four out of nine boundaries keeping planet earth hospitable to life have been surpassed.

According to Earth resilience strategist Johan Rockström, the human race has already botched up climate change, extinction of species, addition of phosphorus and nitrogen to the world's ecosystems, and deforestation.

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In an investigation published in Science magazine earlier this year, mankind is dangerously close to tipping emissions of poisonous aerosols and stratospheric ozone depletion over the point of no return.

Ocean acidification and freshwater use are still at healthy levels.

"The planet has been our best friend by buffering our actions and showing its resilience," Rockström said. "But for the first time ever, we might shift the planet from friend to foe."

The value of the ninth condition of a friendly Earth, dumping of organic pollutants, radioactive materials, nano-materials, micro-plastics and other novel of man-made substances into the world's environment, remains unknown.

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The Swedish researcher drew up the list in 2007 and has since been recording climate and atmospheric change.

But while the outcome looks bleak if Rockström's predictions are anything to go by, the man himself is more optimistic.

"For the first time, we have a framework for growth, for eradicating poverty and hunger, and for improving health," he said.

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