Cuba-U.S. Relationships: Realism vs. False Objectivity

Cuba-U.S. Relationships: Realism vs. False Objectivity
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23 December 2014
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Similar approaches had foretold what just happened now, in the sixth year of Barack Obama’s presidency, everything had stalled there, drowned by the strict application of the unjust Blockade.  

The New York Times prepared the important step given by Obama, prior permission, of course, from the establishment. Several editorials, comments, and information of their main reporters indicated the present turn of the diplomatic ties between the U.S. and Cuba, inappropriately severed by Washington more than half century ago, with the purpose of bringing Armageddon in the Island. That showed their ignorance on the Cuban people and their maximum leader, Fidel Castro.

Similar approaches had foretold what just happened now, in the sixth year of Barack Obama’s presidency, everything had stalled there, drowned by the strict application of the unjust blockadeand extraterritorial measures that charged multimillionaire fines to banks and companies that had the small of contacts with Cuba.

With Obama the approval to this decision has been greater, with official and public recognition of the failure of the measures adopted against Cuba, of the growing isolation of the United States and the absurdity that United States didn't have relationships with the Antillean archipelago, only 90 miles off their costs, while they resumed relationships with China and Viet Nam, on the latter a total of 70 000 North American aggressors were killed.

Undoubtedly, the commercial opportunities that were untouched by the U.S. were strong reasons on this respect, at a moment in which Cuba was raising its prestige through the medical help to the Ebola victims in Africa, and the entire U.S. nation was shaking by a racist wave, of which Obama himself confessed to be victim.  

Narrow Thinking    

Although the first troglodyte thinking beings were perhaps more human, the thinking of the minority of the mafia of Cuban origin is unquestionably lower. We’ll have to wait and see how they proceed in the future with the gradual and full reestablishment of relationships as well as the elimination of the blockade. After the fading of the logical euphoria for the new situation and, mainly, the liberation of the three antiterrorist heroes wrongly incarcerated in North America, let’s hope for the best and expect for the worst.

We must remember that the liberation of our heroes was foretold by Fidel in June 2001, with his sentence "They will Return! ". We must also remember that regarding the restart of relationships with Cuba there were hints that president John F. Kennedy (JFK) had this same idea, perhaps this was the reason after his murder in 1963 schemed by people within the North American government who thought of him as a traitor for not invading the Island, when he had the opportunity. They never forgave him for that.

In this context, the North American journalist Julia Sweig related that in an interview to Commander in Chief, he spoke of his many later contacts with members of the Kennedy family, even with his niece Maria Shriver. "She is the one who married Schwarzenegger", he said. "The world is a very small place", he stressed and, commented that "Kennedy was very young."

For Sweig, Fidel referred that we would never what would have happened if JFK had lived a bit longer. "Probably, he had saved for Kennedy, in his own mind, the possibility of greatness. It is something totally fascinating and frustrating for him", said the journalist.

This time, the chance was seized by Obama, when sometimes you think it is only a snow job and that everything will remain the same, thinking that The New York Times (NYT) had lost for years the breath of that apparent objectivity, which always characterizes it.

It is not something done in haste, because NYT has been repeatedly chosen by the establishment to introduce situations in which they would not appeal to other less reliable sources, like the powerful Murdoch, with 127 newspapers and the Fox television network.

We have plenty of examples that would be worth a larger comment, but we must remember that NYT was the tip of the spear of the praised politics by the main terrorist State against terrorism since the still unclear attacks of September 11, 2001 against the Twin Towers, and the Pentagon, in Washington.

Likewise, the preparation of the fake arguments to attack, invade, and virtually tear apart Iraq, sinking it into a sectarian fight; as well as the politics against Russia to blame it for every last wrong that happened in Ukraine, and hide that it was the very United States who encouraged, armed, trained, and financed dissidents and Fascists to seize power there, hence taking its troops to the proximities of the Russian borders, with the looming threat of a nuclear catastrophe. And these are just a few details of a false objectivity that last December 17 was defeated by realism.

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