Miami: The Last Stronghold of World Fascism

Miami: The Last Stronghold of World Fascism
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28 February 2020
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Nobody can raise any doubt that Miami is the most outstanding sronghold of world fascism, a group of musicians and officials from that city have just announced the preparations of the first "Anticommunist Concert" in history.

According to its main organizer, the Cuban-American producer Frankie Marcos, the concert will take place on April 11th, in order "to commemorate the victims of totalitarianism in Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua."

A group of artists living in that city will perform, their main artistic merit in recent years consists in echoing the defamation noise created by the propaganda machinery of the anti-Cuban industry.

The false prophet Willy Chirino heads a list that also includes the repented former communist Arturo Sandoval, the rabid anti-communist Paquito de Rivera and other less-known parties, only recognized on local television stations and channels.

To grasp an idea of ​​the musical quality of the event, it’s worth highlighting the participation of the "superstar", living in Cuba, Gorki Águila.

They are also expected the attendance, as audience, the crème de la crème of the political blasphemy: the news anchor María Elvira Salazar, the clown youtuber Alex Otaola and the master of media terrorism, Ninoska Pérez-Castellón.

María Elvira Salazar (D) and Alex Otaola (I). Despite the passing of time, and the different makeup, the spokesmen of the Miami terrorist mafia keep intact the same content of their messages: wanting to separate Cuban families, increase the blockade and ignite subversion from the distant comfort of their seats.

Of course, the initiative of producer Frankie Marcos has the full support of the city administration, which has declined to charge the $ 21,500 rent for the place, broadcast fees and police and fire department services of the James L Knight Center, the Convention center that will house the gig.

The city mayor, Francis Suarez, the interrogator of Cuban artists such as Gente de Zona, and Haila María Mompié, has taken matters in his hands and has ratified his support after saying that Miami “represents the stories of countless people who have risked their lives to flee communism.”

Except for the ridicule and unique name, the "Anti-Communist Concert" would not have the greatest significance in comparison to any other event of this kind except because even in the times of Nazism, McCarthyism, or in the most critical years of the Cold War, nobody came up with such a crazy idea before.

The reasons that drive the concert, although they seem taken from a North American children sitcom, are but a free version for the fools of Miami, of President Trump's campaign speech seeking to persuade the Latinos of Florida to vote in favor of his re-election.

Marco Rubio and Donald Trump. The republican campaign targeting the 2020 elections seeks to please the anti-Cuban group that runs South Florida that bets all the chips thinking that the increase of economic pressures will twist the resistance of the people of Cuba and Venezuela.

According to Frankie Marcos, the concert takes place “with the aim of spreading the real threat of communism at international level. Communism has killed more people than fascism and it’s very dangerous. Look at what happened to our land, Cuba, what happened to Venezuela.”

For another eager sponsor, the counterrevolutionary Orlando Gutierrez Boronat, president of the Democratic Directorate, the concert comes “at a key moment in the struggle for freedom of Cuba and in Latin America. The Concert will strengthen the anti-communist conscience domestically and abroad in the island and it will help the victims of repression in Cuba, raise awareness on the crimes of communism in Latin America.”


After hearing such stupidity somehow, we understand the angered reaction caused by the praise of Bernie Sanders to the literacy campaign carried out by Fidel Castro in Cuba.

Only illiterate people can be led to believe that "international" communism that make up Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua, underdeveloped countries which are blocked and attacked for decades by the United States, really poses a threat. Finally, who sanctions who?

On the other hand, if crimes in Latin America are involved, it would be good to remember the dictatorships of the Condor plan that in the 70’s, under the sponsorship of the U.S. and the guidance of Cuban-origin terrorists living in Miami, who tortured and made disappear dozens of thousands of people.

In case anyone still doubts that the announced concert defines Miami as the capital of world fascism, it’s good to take into account one last piece of data: according to its mastermind Frankie Marcos, he already counts on international support, nothing less than the President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro and the Vox Party of Spain.

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