World's Largest Floating Book Fair Visits Egypt

World's Largest Floating Book Fair Visits Egypt
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6 January 2023
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With a crew of nearly 350 volunteers of more than 60 nationalities, Logos Hope ship is currently docked at Port Said, in northeastern Egypt, holding the world's largest floating book fair as part of its humanitarian mission to spread knowledge and foster cultural exchange.

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It is the first destination for Logos Hope in 2023, but not the first time for the ship to visit this African country, for the floating book fair had a successful spell in Egypt in 2010.

"It is also great for the visitors that they come on board, meet people from so many different countries, share and learn something about their cultures and build lasting relationships," said Captain James Berry, who is a British citizen.

Logos Hope's two-week book fair in Egypt opened on Thursday and will continue until Jan. 21. The ship, which had visited Beirut, capital of Lebanon, before its stop at Port Said, is expected to depart Egypt on Jan. 23 for Jordan.

The motto of Logos Hope is "sharing knowledge, help, and hope." The book fair offers over 5,000 titles of books in various fields, including science, literature, education, hobbies and more, all sold at affordable prices to serve the purpose of sharing knowledge.

The crew members welcomed visitors with friendly smiles while wearing the traditional costumes of their own nations, including Brazil, Chile, China, Ghana, Kazakhstan, South Africa, Thailand, and Zambia.

Logos Hope was built in 1973 and purchased in 2004 by GBA Ships, a Germany-based non-profit charity organization. According to Edward David, director of Logos Hope, the ship began its mission in 2009, travelling from Europe to the Caribbean and other parts of the world.

"Since we purchased it, we've used it to promote education, help and hope in different parts of the world," he said, noting Logos Hope has visited over 100 ports across the world.

The Logos Hope team also provides simple services for the communities with which they work, such as visiting nearby hospitals, schools, and orphanages, and providing as much community care and aid as possible.

The ship received a warm welcome from Port Said authorities, which offered facilitations to Logos Hope in coordination with concerned Egyptian ministries.

"We are proud to have them here. We cooperate with them and we provide them with all support through our coordination with all the state authorities. The Egyptian government welcomes the ship and provides it with all support during its experience in Egypt," said Amr Osman, vice governor of Port Said. 

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