Transparency of Venezuelan electoral system highlighted

Transparency of Venezuelan electoral system highlighted
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12 April 2024
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The presidents of the Council of Electoral Experts of Latin America, Nicanor Moscoso, and the Parliamentary Observatory for Regional Integration, Carlos López, endorsed today in Caracas the transparency of Venezuela's electoral system.

In a meeting with authorities of the National Electoral Council (CNE), where they were received with their respective delegations, the officials presented their points of view on this system, which they did not hesitate to consider the best in Latin America and the Caribbean and among the best in the world.

Moscoso pointed out that since 2005 they have attended almost all the elections held in the Bolivarian Republic, which together with Brazil, he declared, are the only ones that adopted electronic voting as part of a political decision and left the popular will in the hands of technology.

“We say that Venezuela’s electoral system is the best in Latin America, your own history and public demonstrations say so,” he stated.

The former president of the Ecuadorian CNE pointed out that in the rest of the region they do not apply this system because “there is no political decision to take the electoral will of the vote of all hands.”

He expressed that in Venezuela it is no longer said that fraud is in the machine, “but it is in the political part, in the political parties,” and “we are not in charge of that,” he said.

Moscoso celebrated that broad sectors of Venezuelan politics have decided to participate in this race, in which the people will be the ones who define and elect their representatives.

We celebrate this situation of transparency of the electoral system, he insisted, and pointed out that they will be open to “all candidates, to the dialogues and conversations” they deem, which will be “valid for our work and the CNE,” he said.

Regarding the work they will carry out in the July 28 elections, the president of the Council of Experts expressed that it will be developed from the audits (16 in total), which he considered transcendental to know who participates and reviews them day by day.

López, for his part, adhered to Moscoso’s words and meant that the Venezuelan electoral system is recognized in the world as one of the “firmest, safest and most transparent.”

He stressed that the current electoral system is “solid and respected by all institutions” and hoped that the Venezuelan people show up and vote, because “that is valuing democracy.

The president of the CNE of Venezuela, Elvis Amoroso, and the visitors, signed separate memorandums of understanding in which the rules of procedure were established to attend the July presidential elections as observers, the 31st since the arrival of the Revolution 25 years ago.

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