Still climbing: Covid-19 death toll tops 100,000 worldwide

Still climbing: Covid-19 death toll tops 100,000 worldwide
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10 April 2020
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The number of deaths from the novel coronavirus has surpassed 100,000 globally, according to figures compiled by the AFP news agency, while the number of confirmed cases is rising toward the two million mark.

The grim milestone was hit on Friday, as the UK reported its worst level of fatalities from Covid-19 to date, at 953.

Overall, the US is the country worst affected by the outbreak with over 460,000 confirmed cases and 16,000 fatalities, though the death rate has slowed there in the past two days.
Also on US reports nearly 1,800 coronavirus fatalities in 24 hours, as death rate slows after 2 days of back-to-back records

Spain, which had suffered the highest number of deaths since the start of the outbreak until the US overtook it this week, has also seen a drop in its death rate. The total number of deaths there stands at 15,843 as of Friday.

Authorities in some countries have gone the extra mile in ensuring lockdown measures are properly adhered to. In India, state officials in Madhya Pradesh put locks on the homes of quarantine violators to see they stay put during the country’s complete lockdown.

And over in France, a group of 10 would-be UK holidaymakers were forced to turn their rented private jet around after landing at Marseille-Provence airport in defiance of travel restrictions.


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