The Show: Ladies and Gentlemen

The Show: Ladies and Gentlemen
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30 March 2022
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Some actually believed Will Smith’s slap on Chris Rock was part of the show at the Oscars award ceremony. The fact is that, although not in the script, it is indeed part of a greater show, where physical and verbal violence prevails as one of its most recurrent motivation.

People barely talk about the importance of this award ceremony on social networks (the recognition to film art, which deserves itself a pretty good analysis, considering some of the elections). The slap takes the headlines…and we even accept it.

Once again, the debate on violence, in all its expressions, is revived. Some defend Smith, saying that there is a limit to patience when mocking a loved one. But is it right to hit a person to resolve that dispute? Was this manifestation of "manliness" necessary to defend the honor of his wife? Opinions abound in social networks right now.

But on the other side (if you can talk about sides here) there are also questions. Why has hurtful mockery become normal in media shows? Will we have to continue smiling diplomatically in the face of verbal aggression? Why are we supposed to trivialize serious matters with superficial jokes and poor taste?

Chris Rock himself minimized an entire genre, the documentary, when he announced the award in that category. The hostess mocked other artists to the point of humiliation. And all to fit a too long and boring ceremony. The slap was the climax; fashion and entertainment, attractiveness; the cinema was the filler. That’s contemporary show.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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