President Diaz Canel Gets Congratulated on his 64th Birthday

President Diaz Canel Gets Congratulated on his 64th Birthday
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21 April 2024
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Cuban President Miguel Diaz Canel got congratulated on his 64th birthday.

On various social media, notifications express appreciation to the president for his work.

On his X account, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Bruno Rodriguez conveyed his warm and affectionate congratulations to the Cuban president.

“From the revolutionary diplomacy we reiterate the commitment with the Cuban Revolution and the people, the unity in defense of the Homeland and Socialism,” Rodriguez posted.

Likewise, the Secretary of Organization of the Communist Party of Cuba Roberto Morales sent an embrace full of admiration and affection for the brother of a thousand battles, a tireless revolutionary, a man of integrity and a worker for Cuba and its dreams. Morales added that it is a privilege to accompany him in this great challenge.

Cuban Minister of Justice Oscar Silvera thanked him for his example, leadership and permanent work for the people.

“From the Ministry of Domestic Trade we join in congratulating Diaz Canel on his birthday. It is an honor to stand by his side in the hard battles we face day by day,” the Minister Betsy Diaz uttered.

The national leadership of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution, the Siderurgica Antillana Company, the Cuban Embassies in Sri Lanka, Austria, Dominican Republic, among other nations, organizations and institutions, also congratulated him.

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