President Diaz-Canel: Cubans Can Overcome Any Obstacle

President Diaz-Canel: Cubans Can Overcome Any Obstacle
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10 June 2022
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Ciego de Avila, Cuba, Jun 9 (ACN) Cuba has the conditions and potential to overcome with effort and talent any adversity, said Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel during a meeting to sum-up a recent visit to this central province by members of the Secretariat of Cuba’s Communist Party.

During the meeting, the Cuban President said that despite the US blockade, Cubans can still work for the wellbeing and development of the country, making the major efforts to achieve priority issues.

Diaz-Canel, First Secretary of Cuba’s Communist Party exchanged with the party leader in this province, Julio Gomez, about issues related to the performance of the political organization.

Referring to the ongoing Summit of the Americas, the Cuban president said the meeting has translated into a victory for Cuba, which has been present through the voices of social movements at the Summit of the Peoples and the presidents who have expressed their solidarity with Cuba.

The Cuban President also referred to the country’s energy situation and the difficult scenario of the two past years, when factors like the US blockade and the COVID-19 pandemic made an impact on the island.

“We have already overcome COVID-19, now we must keep control of it and have economic and social life to return to normality based on basic services as everything was working before the pandemic.”

Referring to the country’s energy situation, the president said that the lack of maintenance of the power plants, breakdowns and the lack of fuels have led to a tense scenario. “Difficulties are still on the way, with black outs, as we need to save energy and keep informing the people so that they know about efforts to overcome current problems,” said the president.

Diaz-Canel said that that current problems about fuel availability are related to the fact that boats already uploaded with paid oil cannot reach the island due to the international crisis affecting shipping companies.

The meeting was also attended by Roberto Morales, Communist Party Organization Secretary; and other members of the Communist Party Central Committee.

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