Internet in Cuba does move

Internet in Cuba does move
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18 August 2021
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Despite so much obstacles, telecommunications in Cuba do move towards expansion and better quality.

That was the thesis defended by ETECSA’s CEO — Engineer Tania Velázquez Rodríguez — at the TV program Mesa Redonda. She gave details about the efforts to increase the connectivity of the Cuban people to Internet.

More than 5.14 million of individuals in Cuba have access to the Internet services via ETECSA. Some 3.94 do it from their smartphones while the other 1.20 from their PC.

Among Cuba’s main achievements, she mentioned:

  • 100% of municipal seat across the country has data coverage via 4G/LTE high-speed data, as well as 41% of people’s councils.
  • Three out of every four cell phones in Cuba has Internet connection.
  • Public spaces for Internet access have increased up to 2.306.
  • International navigation charges were lowered to 12.50 Cuban pesos. The life of permanent accounts was extended and we are working on scaling up the bandwidth.
  • More than 2.700 governmental institutions in sectors such as education, economy, and especially entities linked to the fighting against Covid-19 such as hospitals, polyclinic and others now enjoy the Internet service.
  • At present, the country boasts 4.778 base stations — we had 1.973 in 2018 — while over 5 million customers have mobile data service.
  • A total of 224.600 individuals enjoy the Nauta Hogar service to connect to the Internet.

Velázquez announced that ETECSA aims to continue expanding this option, including the possibility of a wireless connection or by optical-fiber.

She also revealed that the new offer of combined package, requested by customers, is ready. And the company shall inform everything about it through its formal channels.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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