Fidel's presence led the passage of the Freedom Caravan through Las Tunas

Fidel's presence led the passage of the Freedom Caravan through Las Tunas
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4 January 2023
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Las Tunas, Jan 4 (RHC) The figure of Fidel Castro led the passage of the Freedom Caravan through Las Tunas just like 64 years, a trajectory that marked the definitive triumph of the Cuban Revolution.
An image of the historic leader and a fragment of his speech delivered from Ciudad Libertad, that January 8, 1959, resounded from the iconic Plaza Martiana and gave way to sirens and Cuban flags, the July 26 Movement, and student organizations.
The red, white, and blue uniforms of primary and secondary education mixed with the olive green of the young people from the Camilo Cienfuegos military school, as if they were Cuban flags in the middle of the Sierra Maestra, but this time with the joy of triumph and the conquests obtained during more than six decades.
During a political ceremony, a group of students and workers received the card of the Union of Young Communists as an expression of the revolutionary vanguard that is renewing itself and is committed to the Cuban socialist process.
Cristina Delgado Mariño, a student from the Jesús Suárez Gayol high school, spoke on behalf of the new generations and recalled that early morning in January when the guerrillas who came down from the Sierra were received by a representation of the people of Las Tunas.
Las Tunas is no longer the same it was in 1959, with several industries, the computerization of society, culture and the defense of achievements such as health and education endorse the transformation that began in that January of victory.
After going through part of the geography of the birthplace of Vicente García, the Caravan of Freedom will continue its journey through the other provinces, until arriving in Havana, on January 8. (Source: ACN)

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