Cuba’s Interior Ministry celebrates its 62nd anniversary

Cuba’s Interior Ministry celebrates its 62nd anniversary
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6 June 2023
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The Cuban Ministry of the Interior (MININT) is celebrating its 62nd anniversary on Tuesday with the mission of guarding national security and citizen peace.

After the triumph of the Cuban Revolution and with the growing aggressiveness by the US Government, the Ministry was institutionalized on June 6, 1961, due to the need to concentrate efforts, experience, and human and material resources from different dispersed organizations.

The dependencies of the Ministry of the Interior and those of the Cabinet of Justice related to preserving internal order and security in the country, coming from the Revolutionary Armed Forces, the National Revolutionary Police, and the Investigation Departments of the Rebel Army, were integrated into the newly-formed institution.

Its mission has been the maintenance of State security and internal order, harmoniously combining the fight against criminal and counter-revolutionary activities.

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