Cuban press denounces manipulation of young Cubans on social networks

Cuban press denounces manipulation of young Cubans on social networks
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13 April 2023
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The Cuban press denounced the incitement by the United States to young Cubans through social networks to commit terrorist actions against Cuba.

A report on the Cuban television news explained that the “defenders” of what they call democracy in Cuba finance sabotage of Cuba’s infrastructure and prepare for an armed invasion.

According to the material, these people increase their wealth by manipulating and incentivizing nationals to promote harmful and misleading content in digital spaces.

The television press shared statements by defendants who admitted having accepted monetary incentives to carry out sabotages, such as the burning of a farm, and the publication on social networks of content against the revolutionary process.

One of the sources, whose identity was not revealed, said that he was contacted on Facebook by an organization calling itself The New Cuban Nation in Arms, based in the United States, whose mission is to intervene in Cuba and overthrow the Revolution.

He detailed that he received military preparation, training in the use of assault weapons such as AR-15 and AK, among others, and they also asked him to bring a group of 20 men to Cuba “to raise havoc,” a request which the source declined.

He added that The New Cuban Nation in Arms is directed by Willy González and most of the meetings are held on the Zoom and Telegram platforms, every three days.

The report stressed that access to the Internet in Cuba and the increased use of social networks have allowed those who pull the strings behind the scenes to propagate anti-revolutionary propaganda as part of the media-subversive war against Cuba, inciting chaos and violence.

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