Cuban authorities analyze new actions against Covid-19

Cuban authorities analyze new actions against Covid-19
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25 December 2021
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Cuban authorities advocate for keeping socio-economic activities open with responsibility and analyzed new actions to control Covid-19 given the slight increase of positive cases in eight territories.


According to information from the last meeting of the temporary working group, the Ministry of Public Health presented a proposal to modify the control measures established at this stage and adopt new standards of a general nature, which the related agencies are evaluating.


The head of the sector, José Ángel Portal Miranda, informed that since last November 30, 29 people had been identified on the island with the Omicron variant of the virus, at the same time, he underlined that Delta is the cause of the infection in the country.


He assured that at the end of the last week, there was a 75 percent decrease in the transmission intensity compared to the end of November, with a reduction of autochthonous and an increase of imported cases.


However, he warned that in eight territories, the number of cases increased compared to the previous week, among them, the special municipality of Isla de la Juventud (24 more), Matanzas (eight more), and Havana (five more).

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