Cassandra Theater Festival prepares virtual edition in the US

Cassandra Theater Festival prepares virtual edition in the US
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28 February 2021
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The International Cassandra Theater Festival is currently preparing its 3rd virtual meeting in the United States, dedicated to women and their participation in theater.


The event includes presentations by Odin Teatret (Denmark), the Buendia and Vivarta companies (Cuba), along with the Talabot (Mexico) and Grupo Guyola (Dominican Republic) casts.

The host country will be represented by the companies El Ingenio Teatro and Artefactus, the latter specializing in research, production and promotion of the arts, literature and other cultural expressions.

Other guests will include Spanish actors Aranxta de Juan, Maria Elena Escalona and Orestes Perez, who will give a talk on the staging of Magnani a Perta.

The Festival will offer theatrical proposals, concerts, acting workshops through the online platform Zoom, as well as the launching of the Caritate magazine, whose pages record the event's evolution.

Also, noteworthy are the tributes to playwrights Roberta Carrieri and Raquel Carrio, both guests of honor at the meeting for their solid career in acting and regional dramatic writing.

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