Iván Nápoles: National Film Award Winner for 2016

Iván Nápoles: National Film Award Winner for 2016
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28 March 2016
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Nápoles won the award for his contribution to the development of the island’s film industry and Cuban culture, and exemplary fusion of talent, technique and artistic sensitivity. On hand at the ceremony held at the Fresa y Chocolate Cinema Center were Cuban Culture Minister, Julián González, and Cuban Film Institute President, Roberto Smith.

Nápoles thanked those who, in one way or another, have been close to his work and specially thanked Santiago Álvarez , with whom he worked as a cameraman in the late 1960’s in the famous Latin American Newsreel. Besides his close links with Álvarez, Nápoles also worked with other Cuban filmmakers, such as Julio García Espinosa, Fernando Pérez, Rebeca Chávez, Rogelio París, Rolando Díaz and Lourdes de los Santos.

The film Viaje al país que ya no existe (Trip to a non-existing country) from 2015, by Cuban actress and filmmaker, Isabel Santos, deals with Nápoles’ experiences as a photographer and cameraman in the Vietnam War. At the age of 83, the Cuban photographer is still active.

Edited by Damian Donestevez

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