Fátima or Fraternity Square in Havana Movie Theaters

Fátima or Fraternity Square in Havana Movie Theaters
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25 August 2015
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Based on a story by renowned Cuban writer, Miguel Barnet, and directed by actor and director, Jorge Perugorría (Straberries and Chocolate), the 90 minute fiction movie tells how Monolito, a transvestite who, despite the somber reality he goes through, doesn’t give up but reinvents himself without renouncing his aspirations.

Starring Carlos Enrique Almirante as Fátima, the drag queen, the movie includes a cast of Cuban stars, such as Broselianda Hernández, Patricio Wood, Néstor Jiménez, René de la Cruz and Tomás Cao. Produced by Audiovisuales ICAIC Producción and shot in 2014, the film’s music score is by Ernán López Nussa, and artistic direction by Erick Grass.

Edited by Damian Donestevez

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