Cuban President wishes Success to his Panamanian Counterpart

Cuban President wishes Success to his Panamanian Counterpart
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2 July 2019
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Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel sent a greeting and wishes of success to his Panamanian counterpart Laurentino Cortizo, through the mediation of Vice President Gladys Bejerano, who concluded his visit to this country today.

Similarly, the controller also, during the inauguration made yesterday, conveyed to the new president the willingness of Cuba to 'continue and strengthen relations with Panama,' he told Prensa Latina and added that such links can be in the political, economic fields. And social.

In a dialogue with Panamanians in solidarity with the island, he explained that his country has been working on expanding and updating the Foreign Investment Law, based on the experiences of the nation and the updating of its economic model, that this code makes viable and viable. develop foreign investments.

He assured the willingness of the country to have an orderly development in this regard, aimed primarily at things that benefit the country, and of course, the foreign partner also, said Bejerano in his last official activity in Isthmus lands, where he arrived last Saturday.

'Cuba needs to expand foreign investment,' he said and assured that the nation is willing to do so, for which all conditions have been created.

Carlos Aguilar, recently appointed director of the National Institute of Art and Culture (INAC), was present at the meeting and recalled that he is a creator trained at the International Film and Television School (Eictv) of San Antonio de los Baños, near the Cuban capital.

'I am a product of Cuban and Panamanian education also logically,' he said, recalling that while enjoying a scholarship from the government of the island, there was an invasion of the United States to his country, and 'I lived what solidarity is from Cuba to Panama. '

Speaking from his new responsibility at the INAC, which will soon be raised to the category of Ministry of Culture, he expressed his desire to rescue the fruitful exchange with Cuba in the training of artistic creators that took place during the seventies, promoted by the General Omar Torrijos

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