No One Sings to Trump

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No One Sings to Trump
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2 November 2020

While Bruce Springteen donates one of his songs to the Biden’s campaign and Marc Anthony urges more than four million Puerto Ricans to vote against Trump, the electoral campaign of current President has no soundtracks to support him.

The rejection of musicians in the U.S. is overwhelming. An EFE report gives details in how musicians have turned their back to the Republican President:

“The music industry has a very complicated relationship with Trump, from stars as renowned as Taylor Swift and Elton John to bands such as The Rolling Stones or R.E.M. All of them condemn and reject that their songs can be used in Trump’s campaigns. Even Kanye West, his biggest supporter, is now his rival in some States.”

Since The Rolling Stone and Neil Young publicly complained, in 2015, about Trump livening up his campaigns rallies with their songs, other artists such as Elton John — Trump is one of his biggest fans —, Adele and even relatives of late artists such as Leonard Cohen or Luciano Pavarotti, have joined the complaints by arguing their human values do not match with Trump’s ideas.

The repudiation towards the President reached its peak in a song written by Joan Baez, a man who found his inspiration in the current President when he wrote his first song “Nasty Man” twenty years ago, whose lyric states:

“When no one gives a damn about his tweets, / he'll be finally and forever obsolete."

Not to mention Latin artists. Besides Marc Anthony, who recently addressed his fellow countrymen: “We remember the lies. We remember the disrespect. We remember he let many of us die,” Ricky Martin was one of the first to publicly reject Trump when he was just a candidate of the Republican Party and freely harassed the Latino community.

Becky G, born and raised in Los Ángeles in a family with Mexican roots, predicted after the Republican tycoon’s inauguration: “He will not divide us” and Jennifer López, in her Super Bowl’s performance, talked about the separation of children from their families in the US border, and addressed the cages, something that did not go unnoticed.

Even Bad Bunny did his part when he wore a t-shirt in a live performance with the following message: “Are you a twitterati or a President?”

J Balvin, Shakira and Romeo Santos, Luis Fonsi are part of that list of artists who do not support Trump.

With such a negative panorama, the Trump’s administration has had no other option but turning to a chorus, created by Los Tres de La Habana, in Miami, calling to vote for him.

Based on the song “Cuba Soy Yo,” instead of performing the usual chorus, the “talented” Tres de La Habana changed it for: “Yo voy a votar por Donald Trump.”

The political slogan, musicalized in caravans and rallies, plays into the hands of the biggest lie President Trump has said in his four-year term: that of Democrats, headed by Biden, turning the U.S. into a communist nation.

As expected, this chorus echoes in the pro-fascist, conservative enclave in Miami, where Trump’s supporters, among other incredible reasons, justify their sudden fear to the imminent invasion of communism as, in their view, someone drew a sickle and a hammer in a monument during the most recent riots that took place in that city.

What is arguably the only song in favor of the most lying US president ever, is another sign of the cultural and political mediocrity hovering around that small group in Little Havana, who ratify their vote for Trump at the rhythm of conga.

The mediocre troupe may only last until November 3rd, or perhaps, four more years. But no one doubts that, as Joan Baez said: When nobody gives a damn about the tweets of “Nasty Man”, the anti-Cuban mafia of Miami will be, once again, before the world, mired in the shame of ridicule.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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