Will Marco Rubio ask for a military intervention in Cuba?

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Will Marco Rubio ask for a military intervention in Cuba?
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16 July 2021

The lying Republican Senator Marco Rubio, same man who was behind the spreading of the unfounded rumor that Joe Biden was a communist in in the last U.S. electoral campaign, is now on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Why so? The resounding failure of the attempt, masterminded by him and other acolytes of the anti-Cuban mafia in Miami, to inciting a rebellion to the style of the Arab Spring in Cuba.

Before such an evident fiasco, the Senator — who is a Trump's follower — has then opted for resorting to that phase that soft coup manuals suggest, where victimizers become victims.

To do so, he has resorted to wailing wall of Twitter and rends his garment in a video while trying hard to maintain — by using the lies that correspond to that phase of the plan — the media campaign against the island.

According to the mastermind of the 243 measures implemented to exacerbate the blockade against Cuba during the previous administration, which are still in force amid the pandemic: “we are seeing people abused, attacked, murdered, incarcerated, disappeared, photos being posted across Cuba with all of these and, on top of it, power and drinking water were cut off. There is no food. They have invaded homes and taken children out and they have said to them: you have to grab this stick and beat those people there, their own people (…) in order to repress…”

“To think it will go unnoticed,” he added, “that nothing is going to happen, that there will be no punishment…We must understand our anxiety about it. I feel the same way,” and adds: “here, President Biden must take this matter very seriously.”

And seemingly, his fear of failure is so great that he is willing to, for the sake of toppling the Revolution, reach an agreement with the “communists” of the Democrat Party: “I want this to be a bipartisan issue; this is not only a Republican or Democrat issue. This must be an issue where we all come together and act accordingly.”

According to him, he asked President Biden to call on the UN, the OAS, all nations of the international community and tell them that in Cuba, just 90 miles from the US, a slaughtering is taking place.

About these absurd proposals, we should ask the Senator since when the U.S. care about what the UN dictates. If so, they would have listened to the almost unanimous claim of the world demanding at the General Assembly the end of a blockade that for more than 60 years that nation has imposed on Cuba. The last voting, by the way, took place last June 23rd.

When it comes to the OAS, it is like asking for a favor to the Mayor of Miami: this organization has always been servile to the designs of Washington and it is no secret that its General Secretary, traitor Luis Almagro, fervent and servile ally of the anti-Cuba mafia in Miami, was reelected thanks to the “diplomatic” lobby carried out by former U.S. Secretary of State under Trump, Mike Pompeo.

To the Republican Senator, Joe Biden’s stance has been weak as he took almost 24 hours to make a statement on the civil unrest happening in Cuba, so he believes crucial a strong response.

Will Marco Rubio ask for more sanctions against Cuba?

A few days ago, apropos of a group of annexationists in Miami that went to the headquarters of the U.S. South Command to ask for a military intervention in Cuba, the Senator stated that: “Although that is what he really wants, there will be no military intervention in Cuba.” Has he changed his mind after the fiasco of the Cuban “Spring”?

In that event, then he will have to talk about slaughtering and violence, like the ones unleashed by the U.S. in countries like Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, and Syria.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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