ETECSA: The way to a more digital lifestyle

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ETECSA: The way to a more digital lifestyle
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3 March 2021

The services of web hosting and permanent monitoring for all individuals or enterprise that want to host their websites in national servers stand out among the present challenges faced by the Cuban Telephone Company (ETECSA) amid a very arduous informatization process of the Cuban society, despite the Covid-19 pandemic, a world economic crisis, and the US economic, financial, and commercial blockade imposed on Cuba.

Since January this year, the company is providing a Virtual Private Server (VPS) rental service, which now includes that you can host software applications and make it easier for customers to access virtual servers on demand. Héctor Mora Echeverría, director of Content Management at the Commercial Vice Presidency, highlighted that the company is working hard to add EnZona to the realm of services it provides.

On the other hand, Mora also said that “we have set very high goals. For instance, Transfermovil has several goals to achieve this year in order to continue developing and meeting their clients’ expectations, soon to be 1,7 million clients, being 2 million clients the target. We plan to change the design — many clients have urged us to do so—, which will offer a better quality service, and the clients’ privacy with the application will be greater.

He also pointed out: “there is a huge challenge ahead as they need to build a brand new infrastructure and strengthening their payment gateway, especially Transfermovil —with very good results so far—, with an increasing number of users and hence, trusted transactions, as expressed in the very high 4.7 stars with which users are rating it.”

As for the digital payment, we cannot ignore that people may already pay with the EnZona app in some groceries stores and the plan, in partnership with the Ministry of Domestic Trade, is to extend such facility nationwide, a huge, necessary task to make payment easier. However, huge amount of money is still required,” added the ETECSA’s executive.

Among other issues to discuss, the executive highlighted that, amid all this process, “creativity cannot be limited. There are lots of projects in mind, including that of the groceries stores. But the company is not the sole responsible. We need to provide appropriate conditions, generate offers. Consequently, the rest of entities in the country also need to develop a greater digital culture and embark in this new lifestyle.”

ETECSA and the academy on common ground

In the interest to balance theory and practice, even since the early stage of the course, the Center for Telecommunications and Informatics Studies (CETI), at CUJAE (José Antonio Echevarría Technological University in Havana), started on December 2019, a strategy that fueled projects such as those previously mentioned. Besides, it had a positive impact on the skill upgrading of future professionals.

Such bond, indeed, would foster collaboration projects between the two centers, aimed at providing solutions for specific problems affecting ETECSA. Henry Silva Williams, specialist in Telematics, said that the goal of working along with CETI “is that students may get to know the company technology, interact with real servers, know the structure of a call center, and visualize and practice the network interconnections.”

CETI boasts three high-tech laboratories, which visualize the company services: fixed, mobile, and data, as well as a Center for Scientific and Technical Information has up-to-date literature and a technological observatory at the disposal of students majoring Telecommunications and Informatics.

This center gives the possibility, to both professors and students of the Telecommunication career in Pinar del Río, Villa Clara, and Santiago de Cuba, to use a video network system by which they receive their content, discuss their theses, and deliver their lectures. At least 90 students, in a school year, learn from different CETI departments, where training and future work converge.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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