EDITORIAL: Hotel Saratoga, time for solidarity

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EDITORIAL: Hotel Saratoga, time for solidarity
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9 May 2022

Cuba Strong! This is the cry shared in both social networks and mass media right now. A cry for strength amid these rough hours for the nation. The terrible accident occurred at Hotel Saratoga has affected the entire country, and millions of people worldwide.

The consequences of the explosion have been particularly painful. Material damage has been significant; but the loss of life, the injuries of dozens of people are the main effects.

Faced with the complex panorama, thousands of Cubans mobilized. In health centers, there are lines of people willing to donate their blood. There was no need to summon anyone. It was a spontaneous reaction. The strength of solidarity.

As expected, the work of firefighters, rescuers, and health and law enforcement personnel has been exemplary. They have shown courage, equanimity and a sense of duty in the midst of very risky situations. On the front lines of disaster, at the very epicenter, have been these unsung heroes. They all receive the gratitude of an entire nation.

Rigorous protocols have been followed in care centers. Doctors, nurses and support staff have treated those injured promptly and with sensitivity. This has been the country's response to the accident: key unity.

Those who have tried to politicize the tragedy (there will always be people willing to attack Cuba under any pretext) have collided with the dignity of the people. Faced with the indecency and insensitivity of a few, the solidarity of the majority. The impetus to get through this. The support for those mourning.

The Cuban authorities have been very clear: a thorough investigation will be carried out and the results will be socialized. The future occurrence of accidents like this must be avoided, and that implies the rigorous implementation of security measures.

Cuba will stand on its feet again. We have an extraordinary moral treasure in this country. There are solid values that take hold in difficult times. The strength of a country. The strength of all.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff








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