Colombian Government and FARC Set Date for Resuming Peace Talks

Colombian Government and FARC Set Date for Resuming Peace Talks
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10 July 2014
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Media cited a joint statement by the two sides saying that following "preparatory meetings" on July 6th and 7th on reparations for victims of the fighting, "it was agreed that we will meet again in Havana this coming July 15th to make progress on the issue."

Colombia's government and its largest insurgency took a more than a month-long break from the peace talks, during which time presidential elections were held on May 25th. Voters re-elected incumbent President Juan Manuel Santos for four more years.

Prior to the talks, which aim at ending more than five decades of fighting, the two sides agreed on an agenda of key issues to be negotiated before a definitive peace deal can be signed.

Three issues have already been discussed and at least partially agreed on, including rural development and agrarian reform, political participation and the rebels' ties to drug trafficking. The issue of reparations for victims will be followed by mechanisms for disarming the rebels.

The conflict has caused more than 220,000 deaths and displaced some 4.5 million people.

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