Philippines- Death Toll From Cebu Floods Rises to Ten

Philippines- Death Toll From Cebu Floods Rises to Ten
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18 April 2017
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The death toll from the flash floods in the province of Cebu in Philippines has risen to ten and many are injured today.

Heavy rains poured nonstop over the province of Cebu on Sunday and submerged homes in the municipality of Carmen.70 families were displaced and 10 thousand were evacuated. The municipality is the hardest hit area.

Houses were damaged, fields were flattened, and trees were uprooted in Brgy. In Carmen the river overflowed, following raging waters from the mountain. Some of the residents survived by climbing to trees.

The local government has been busy distributing relief goods among the flood victims and the rescue operations continue.

During the reany season from June to Nov. an average of 20 typhons hit the islands leaving behind many dead and displaced people.

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