Cuban taekwondo athletes to Manchester Grand Prix

Cuban taekwondo athletes to Manchester Grand Prix
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15 October 2015
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For the Cubans this will be a great opportunity to earn points for the Olympic ranking, in pursuit of obtaining their qualification for Rio de Janeiro 2016 , although only one of them will represent their country in Brazil.

According to the website of the International Taekwondo Federation, the event will attended by over 230 competitors, including several world and Olympic monarchs and medalists.

Alongside Despaigne, London 2012 Olympic bronze medalist, and Alba , Puebla 2013 World Champion, there is a list of 32 world and Olympic medalists including South Korean Cha Dong-min, Beijing 2008 Olympic monarch, and Italian Carlo Molfetta, also champion in London 2012.

It also appears the Gabonese Anthony Obame (Silver / London 2012) and the current world champions of Chelyabinsk 2015, in Russia, Azeri Radik Isaev, in the division of 87 kg, and Uzbek Dimitriy Shokin (+87).
Other remarkable athletes present in the event are Uzbek Jasur Baykuziyev (87) and Ivorian Firmin Zokou (+87), both runners up in Chelyabinsk, plus the bronze medalist in that same contest Russian Vladislav Larin ( 87).
German Volker Wodzich, number six in the Olympic ranking, Irish Sajjad Mardani (7), French M'bar N'Diaye (8), Tunisian Yassine Trabelsi (9) and British Mahama Cho (10) will also be present, while Alba appears eleventh in the standings and Despaigne 25th.
The ranking is headed by Baykuziyev, followed consecutively by Shokin (2), Isaev (3), Obame (4) and Dong-Min (5).
For Cuba, which representatives departed on Monday to the British city, this will be its first appearance in the history of Grand Prix competitions, according to the specialized website

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