Maradona Accepts NGO Presidency Offered by Queen Elizabeth

Maradona Accepts NGO Presidency Offered by Queen Elizabeth
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14 October 2015
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“I am Diego Armando Maradona. I want to greet Your Majesty, the Queen, and the British Parliament, and to inform you that I wholeheartedly accept the appointment you gave me for the foundation in Latin America,” said Maradona on Tuesday in a video posted on his official Facebook page.

“Rest assured that the children of Latin America are going to be well taken care of by me. I thank you deeply for the trust you have placed in me,” he added.

The video, entitled “Thanks to the Queen of England for this moment,” was also shown in the British Parliament.

“I want the best for the children. We're all going to make the children smile, and that will be our reward. There’s not going to be any corruption here, I can assure you of that,” the 55-year-old Argentine said, alluding to the recent FIFA scandal.

Maradona also published a text in Spanish, Italian and English in which he said that the appointment will enable him to cooperate to build a better society and to leave a legacy for future generations.

He said that those working with Football for Unity will overcome the barriers of cultural, social and religious prejudices that separate people, converting itself into a pathway to peace and coexistence.

The organization helps children all over the world with the support of several countries, the British crown and FIFA.

Maradona’s attorney, Matias Morla, told the local Infobae online news service that the queen “supports Diego's stance” and that is why she nominated him.

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