Miami: Gorillas against Roberta Jacobson

Miami: Gorillas against Roberta Jacobson
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12 February 2015
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Small groups anchored in Miami, like "Planted", Assembly of the Resistance and Democratic Governing, objected the allegedly invitation of the Undersecretary State.

Fanatics of Cuban origin rejected a supposed meeting there with the Undersecretary of State.

Jacobson as it’s known recently represented Washington during the first meeting in Havana to normalize diplomatic ties.

Mrs. Jacobson is in charge of Latin America and she is an official of "hard" mind.

According to the website Miami Diary she is in a tour through that town to meet with personal from the South Command of the United States, diplomats and others.

Her agenda also comprises, said the digital publication, talks with members of the American Cuban community.

The same source and other media remarked that "these encounters have not been confirmed by the Department of State."

However, the so-called “historical exile” of Cuban origin rejected any encounter with the undersecretary Jacobson.

Small groups anchored in Miami, like "Planted", Assembly of the Resistance and Democratic Governing, objected the allegedly invitation of the Undersecretary State.

Their argument? Not to approve the new politics towards Cuba that Obama announced last December 17.

The head of the weak Assembly of the Resistance, Orlando Gutierrez, formulated a clumsy and significant statement.

He began saying “I don't know much” of the meeting, and the only thing I will say it’s that the Resistance won’t go and neither I will.

There were also statements of journalist Ninoska Pérez Castellón, one of the most strident and grotesque voices of that "exile."  

Which was his contribution now? Assess the eventual meeting with the undersecretary of State as a simple damage control.

Earlier, Jacobson had offered three interviews to local media: Mega TV, Mira TV, and America TV, recorded on Tuesday.

Last week she appeared before the Congress in order to explain the plans to normalize the relationships with Cuba.

There she had apprehensive dialogues with three "ultra" legislators: Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Marco Rubio, and Bob Menendez.

When Jacobson arrived in Miami this time she granted interviews to the Channel America Tevé and MiraTV, two television networks with audiences for the most part Cuban.

She defended that the bilateral dialogue is "worthwhile" with the purpose of taking the "freedom and human rights" to the Cuban town, a statement, by the way, drifting away from diplomacy.

She said in advance that the new talks will be this month and will approach the possibility to open an embassy in Havana "as quick as possible."

The objective of the United States is, said observers, to assure that their embassy operates "normally", equivalent to say that their diplomats travel to all parts of the country and speak with all the people.

EFE completed its true purpose when writing, "in reference to the domestic opposition".

The cards are slowly coming on the table like a foreseen chess war, not comprehensible to naives neither misinformed.

At the same time, and as another angle of the board, Miami spruces up to exhibit what’s left of its gorillas without muzzle.

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