European Parliament: Trump’s candidate is in trouble

European Parliament: Trump’s candidate is in trouble
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18 June 2019
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The dominance plans of the U.S. seemed quite accomplished but it did not happen. The new President of the European Parliament (EP) will be appointed at the Council meeting to be held on June 20-21 in Brussels, capital city of Belgium, headquarter of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization).

The elections carried out late in May chose those forces defending the existence of a community bloc in the European Parliament as the winners, with center-right (EPP) European People’s Party leading with 179 out of 751 seats.

However, that group chose German Manfred Weber as its candidate to chair the Commission. Nonetheless, they could not enjoy the support of the majority with the Social Democrats (153), his traditional allies; and they must reach out to Liberals (106), or the Greens (74).

Prensa Latina (PL) recalls that last May 28, at the European Council Meeting, Weber failed to achieve the majority support of those heads of states in charge of appointing the leader of the Commission for the next five years

The German Federal Chancellor, Angela Merkel, reiterated her support to her fellow countryman while France’s head of state Emmanuel Macron, close to Liberals, did not hide to oppose Weber.

To be appointed President of the European Commission, the candidate shall garner the support of at least 21 out of 28 heads of state of the European Union, whose nations represent the 65% of the population. Therefore, the concentration of power is paramount.

The European Parliament, yet still, has the final say as it must validate by a majority of votes the election made by the heads of states; not to mention it leans toward someone who had previously acted as leading candidate during the European elections.

When Weber recently mentioned that he has lost some weight, the right-winged Spanish newspaper El Pais wrote that it was caused by the constant trips and negotiations with American authorities in Washington, who thought his appointment as chairman of the EP would be easy as pie.

Open Secret

Actually, it is an open secret that Weber is Trump’s favorite candidate. Trump has given Weber the mission to sabotage the supply of Russian hydrocarbons to the European Union.

Manfred Weber’s first battle would be to bring to an end the building of the gas pipeline Nord Stream 2 despite the billions USD invested in the project, as well as the billions USD that would be saved once finished.

For the European Parliament to democratically elect Weber, it is not mandatory that such celebrity wins most of the Eurodeputies’ support. All he has to achieve is the support of his Parliamentary group, garnering the EPP the majority of votes. Hence, Washington has already set an assembly where the EPP would be on top and the group Movement for a Europe of Nations and Freedom (MENL), on the second place.

Steve Banon, former advisor of U.S. President Donald Trump, has been sent to Europe to work as advisor to Italian Matteo Salvini and thereby to set up a series of identity-related parties —not independent at all—, paying close attention to avoid MENL getting a majority of seats.

In this regard and despite Salvini’s efforts, it was necessary to convince Polish party Law and Justice to keep up with the group European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) by promising a “significant” increase in the number of American troops deployed in Poland.

Following this trend, Donald Trump met with Hungary’s PM Viktor Orban in the White House on May 13. Trump urged him and his party to stand beside EPP in exchange for armament and natural gas.

In addition, a video “was leaked.” Heinz-Christian Strache —leader of the Freedom Party of Austria (FPA) and member of Austria governmental coalition, a strong rival of Weber— was involved in a corruption case. The aforementioned video was old and its staging was plotted by a woman who was presented as a Russian spy. However, Red Voltaire believes she is likely a CIA agent.

The Show

Despite everything the media has echoed, there is no major opposition between EPP and MENL. Both groups understand each other reasonably well and do it under NATO leadership, which imposes key political decisions. It just a matter of knowing what role to play.

Let’s talk about peace. The European Union has not been able to free Cyprus, a European island member of the EU since 2004. The army of Turkey has occupied one-third of Cypriot territory, where the Turkish has established an effective authority under the name “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.”

The Cypriots living in that territory occupied by Turkey cannot be registered in the election lists. Hence, none participated in European elections. That way, journalist Pierre Thyssen stated “the EU does not care about Cypriots. On top of that, this organization pays out billions of USD in military subsidies for Turkey. Of course, Turkey is a NATO member.”

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz/CubaSi Translation Staff

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