The last party for Posada Carriles in Miami?

The last party for Posada Carriles in Miami?
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9 July 2015
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A picture posted on website La Voz de la Calle shows the murderer surrounded by a group of friends who, as stated in the image caption, gathered together after the appearance of the aforementioned document to “honor the anticommunist fighter, a real gutsy man”.

The document, which labeled Carriles as the most likely murderer of Barbados: “is a memorandum written in 1976, shows concerns about the CIA’s links with extremist groups within the Cuban exile community and was sent to then State Secretary Henry Kissinger by top officials from that agency who assessed the accusations made by Fidel Castro on the alleged U.S. involvement in the bombing of a Cubana Airlines plane travelling from Barbados on October 6,1976, in which 76 people were killed”.

The text approaches in detail the CIA’s links with “individuals allegedly involved” with the sabotage to the plane –and directly cites Hernan Ricardo Lozano, Freddy Lugo, Luis Posada Carriles, Orlando Bosch, Frank Castro, Orlando Garcia, Ricardo Morales Navarrete and Felix Martinez Suarez– but concludes that the CIA had only made contact in the past with Posada Carriles, Bosch and Martinez Suarez, in different circumstances and roles.

This is not the first time that the also planner of the bomb blasts in Havana’s hotels in 1997 and other crimes in Latin America receives homage in Miami.

This last picture of Luis Posada Carriles is another example of the impunity enjoyed by some terrorists in Miami.

Cubasi Translation Staff

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