Zero tolerance policy on drug trafficking in Cuba

Zero tolerance policy on drug trafficking in Cuba
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1 February 2022
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Cuba maintains a zero-tolerance policy against drug trafficking and is stepping up surveillance, prosecution and confrontation of this scourge, Granma newspaper reported today.

According to data provided by the Ministry of Interior (Minint), in 2021 special forces dismantled a criminal ring organized by Cubans from Mexico, with support base in Panama, Costa Rica and Cuba.

Their intention was to introduce marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamines using passengers, cargo and speedboats in combined human and drug trafficking operations.

As a result of this operation, 26 individuals were arrested, 303.37 kilograms (kg) of narcotics were seized and a speedboat was captured.

Last year Cuba seized around 4,162 kg of drugs, mostly marijuana, as well as five vessels involved in drug trafficking operations.

In addition, goods and sums of money related to these illicit activities were confiscated.

The largest amount was confiscated in the 295 recalados events, higher than the 153 that occurred in 2020, and with a total of about 2,338 kg of drugs seized in those events, informed the Minint.


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