Young People and Buena Fe

Young People and Buena Fe
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28 December 2021
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Young people in Cuba must be thanked a lot. Those of their time, like Fidel, Camilo, Che, and many more revolutionaries who put the country's independence before their lives, the nation of today, free from North American neocolonialism owes them, totally sovereign despite so many hostilities from the North that lash cruelly.

In the confrontation against Covid-19 pandemic, they have also been an important link. They have supported all health personnel in different tasks such as in hospitals and isolation centers in cleaning and disinfection functions, in the distribution of food to patients, among other actions.

With the hiatus in face-to-face classes, university education students in Cuba changed their main setting. They went from the classrooms to where the country needed them the most to stop the virus that between the soaring of cases and stable moments of the illness, has already shown more than 960 000 positive cases and more than 8 300 deaths.

Thanks to our young scientists, today in Cuba more than 9 million people have the full immunization scheme with totally domestic vaccines. Soberana 02, Soberana Plus, and Abdala are the result of their knowledge, their professional training. It’s a real merit to have achieved more than one vaccine in record time.

We must also congratulate young doctors, nurses, and technical personnel of the different specialties who have been doing hard tasks, without hours of rest and double shifts in order to assist patients, adults, children, and the elderly, some with their lives in danger. It’s because of our specialists that there are more of those who heal than those who die from Covid-19.

This Monday, December 20th, the Stairway of Havana University recovered its energy with the concert held by the popular band Buena Fe. The 99 anniversaries of the University Student Federation demonstrate the strength of the organization that keeps growing and at times like this demonstrate its validity and human worth.

Wearing mask it was impressive to attend the concert and listen to the band live after so many months on hold. Witnessing the youthful warmth, the joy of young people, singing and dancing, feeling more secure, is a hope in the midst of this pandemic that is tearing Europe again in a new wave with a rise in infections.

As our president Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez expressed once again, “Congratulations, guys. What beautiful times to belong to the University Student Federation! Celebrate this 99th anniversary, you deserve it after such a difficult year that we were able to overcome it thanks, also, to your drive”.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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